Business Directories

What are Business Directories?

Business Directories are human-edited and are set up as a resource for general internet users to find what they are searching for on the internet. Web directories are often confused with search engines, but usually the searches on the directories are specific to that directory; therefore it doesn’t work like a search engine. Many of the directories which the business listed in should be local business directories to that city or area for that business.

What came first; Directories or Search Engines?

Directories came about before search engines did as sort-of an on-line yellow pages. You find search engines like Google and Yahoo easier than you would directories, although the search engines will point you to the directories. Actually, web directories are some internet users preferred way of finding links. Many directories have high search engine ranking.

What makes a Good Directory?

When you live in a certain town and are searching for local businesses, it is always best to find a web directory for your particular location. This way local businesses are easily found. A good directory may even supply a Google map to show you where the business is located. Be sure and click all the way through the business listing to the main listing page and not just the first excerpt that you see. This way you can get the most out of the business listing that the owner of the listing is trying to show you.

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